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Our Digital Solution 

We are proud to offer a digital solution that automates the measurement of corporate GHG emissions and helps companies monitor their emissions in a simple and effective way and ensure compliance with their environmental goals and commitments.

Our software is industry agnostic and can be used to manage greenhouse gas emissions in the retail and service sectors, hospitality, e-commerce, logistics, construction, manufacturing, oil and gas and supply chain.

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We automate the calculation of Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions, based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol methodology and standards, with high accuracy, measuring water, land and biodiversity impact, via 32 calculation engines using more than 35,000 trusted emissions factors.

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We simplify the setting of Science Based Targets, propose more than 100 concrete measures to reduce emissions, generate automatic emission forecasts and visualise the impact of ongoing and future sustainability initiatives and projects.

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We partner with recognised organisations that run certified, successful and highly conscious environmental projects. Our carefully selected carbon offset projects benefit from the highest standards of certification and have been verified following the Gold Standards or Verra VCS methodologies.

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Our reporting engine smoothly exports scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions in accordance with GHG protocol Standard, TNFD protocol, GRI & ESRS Frameworks.

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Offsetting your carbon emissions delivers a strong message of care about the planet and the future of our children.

With each offset, the client receives a certificate stating the amount of carbon offset and the type of carbon credits used.

By contributing towards a sustainable future you will be entitled to receive our in-house

"Climate Conscious" badge.​​

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Ready to Kickstart Your Sustainability Journey?
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We use our extensive network to provide a unique market development and green matching service aimed at bringing together green technologies and climate-friendly companies from the GCC and EU, and helping them build a sustainable supply chain & partner network.​

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