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Our Decarbonisation Solutions


We combine technology and climate expertise with a deep understanding of GCC culture to help companies navigate the complexity of climate action.

We take a holistic and people-centric approach to understanding our customers’ GHG sources and consider all business-relevant metrics to reduce them.

The Ultimate Climate Solution

Our carbon management software provides a one-stop-shop for decarbonisation, measuring GHG emissions from multiple facilities or companies, as well as collecting, centralising and analysing key GHG information about the client's suppliers.

The comprehensive and user-friendly dashboard allows our clients to see their emissions hotspots at a glance.

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Decoding Net Zero

We name our approach "Decoding Net Zero".  And it consists of 3 steps.

We provide a guided access to our user-friendly platform that enables companies to measure their GHG emissions and select science-based measures to reduce them.





















We analyse our clients' brand, operations and market positioning and propose measures to engage stakeholders, improve efficiency and enhance brand value while reducing emissions.


We help our clients communicate their low-carbon transition with their network and community.



  • All the methodological expertise of carbon accounting integrated into a platform

  • Customisation of reporting and emission factors

  • Collaboration with contributors and suppliers


  • Define carbon trajectory using international references to get in line with the 1.5°C or 2°C objectives

  • Manage carbon trajectory and follow the progress of your action plan and your emissions

  • Save time with our catalog of reduction actions: already more than 150 concrete reduction actions

  • Drive change by defining the deadlines and responsible for each action



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Why Decoding?


The Benefits of our Holistic Approach 



Calculate and significantly [ii] reduce your GHG emissions.




Engage your employees, partners and customers in the company's climate action and create a high ethical bond with them.





Connect your brand with climate awareness and climate action and develop a noble CSR strategy around the topic of climate.


Calculation Methods

Our emissions accounting is based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol methodology

and standards, the most recent emissions factors available and covering scopes I, 2 and 3.

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Carbon Offsetting

We partner with recognised organisations that run certified, successful and highly conscious environmental projects. Our carefully selected carbon offset projects benefit from the highest standards of certification and have been verified following the Gold Standards or Verra VCS methodologies.

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Offsetting your carbon emissions delivers a strong message of care about the planet and the future of our children.

With each offset, the client receives a certificate stating the amount of carbon offset and the type of carbon credits used.

By contributing towards a sustainable future you will be entitled to receive our in-house

"Climate Conscious" badge.

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