Our Decarbonisation Modules


We focus on socially relevant areas that enable companies to work with their employees to achieve climate goals.

We offer modules for transport sector, events, offices and hotels and also develop tailor-made carbon solutions to meet our clients' needs and are happy to take on global carbon projects.


Decarbonisation Module I



We enable GCC companies engaging  their employees and interacting with them while taking climate action.


We help our clients measure, reduce and offset the carbon emissions generated by their employees' commutes.

Decarbonisation Module II 




We offer GCC companies extending the commuting module to cover the  company's fleet and other ground traffic.


Decarbonisation Module III 


Market Acitivities

We offer global companies targeting the GCC market the opportunity to decarbonise their travel-to-market

activities and participating at

exhibitions and events. 


To reduce the need for

business travel, the service

can be extended to cover supporting the market and business development

activities on the ground.

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Decarbonisation Module IV


For Offices


Decarbonisation Module V 


For Hotels


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Decarbonisation Undecoded


The Ultimate Climate Solution


We combine the power of software and data processing with a team of climate experts to provide industry-leading companies with customised and comprehensive climate solutions according to 

their sustainability requirements and ESG goals.


How it Works


Calculate your carbon footprint

 We track and calculate your carbon footprint, enabling you to involve your employees in your climate action and enjoy a smooth start on the road to net zero


Reduce your negative impact

Compensation alone won't be a sufficient climate protection measure. We provide a full report on

your GHG emissions, highlighting hotspots and making recommendations on how to reduce them


Offset your emissions

Where emissions can’t be avoided, we offer you purchasing certified carbon credits from selected and verified offset projects to compensate your carbon emissions

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On-the-ground support

We develop customised climate solutions for our Decarbonisation Undecoded clients and work with them to create a long-term carbon reduction roadmap.

To eliminate the need for some business travel, we offer our global clients targeting the GCC region   to help them on the ground by supporting their market and business development activities and managing their regional accounts.


Why Decoding?


The Benefits of the Module System for Businesses 


Significantly [ii] reduce the carbon footprint without external intervention 

in the company's accounting and value creation processes -

a first and easily implementable step towards net-zero economy


Connect your brand with climate awareness and climate action and develop a noble CSR strategy around the topic of climate


 Involve your employees in the company's climate action and create a high ethical bond with them


Calculation Methods

Our emissions accounting is based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol methodology

and standards and using the most recent emissions factors available.


Carbon Offsetting

We partner with recognised organisations that run certified, successful and highly conscious environmental projects. Our carefully selected carbon offset projects benefit from the highest standards of certification and have been verified following the Gold Standards or Verra VCS methodologies.

Project Examples

Projet Manoa au Brezil.png
projet biomasse chine.jpg
Eritrea cookstoves project.png


Offsetting your carbon emissions delivers a strong message of care about the planet and the future of our children.

With each offset, the client receives a certificate stating the amount of carbon offset and the type of carbon credits used.

By contributing towards a sustainable future you will be entitled to receive our in-house

"Climate Conscious" badge.